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All you ever wanted to know about your Cultists and where you can hang out with them online.

Our Show

One of iTunes most popular podcasts (seriously!), The Cultcast covers each week's best Apple stories, news, apps, and accessories for your Mac and iDevices - but more importantly - we do it with pizzaz.

Why listen to another dreary tech program? Come hear why cool people everywhere call The CultCast the best 30-minute Apple conversation you're gonna hear, aaaall weeeek loooonngg.

Tune-in to The CultCast each week for a healthy dose of Apple jokes gone sour, and plenty of tangents.

Our Team

Also known as The Cultists, our team is a group of dedicated and completely objective Apple fanboys coming from a variety of background and geographies. But seriously, we don't just love Apple for love's sake; we think they make some of the best stuff on earth.

Erfon Elijah - Creator, Co-Host, Co-Producer

Master of ceremonies, man of a thousand impressions, Erfon Elijah is your CultCast host, but don't let his silky-smooth radio voice mislead you... his handsome face receives plenty of whistles and cat-calls... you know, from the ladies. When not editing the show or watching Mrs. Doubtfire, you’ll find Erfon on Xbox Live hunting CoD foes like the Predator.

Twitter: @erfon

Buster Hein - Co-Host

Buster is Cult of Mac's Social Media Editor. Hailing from Roswell, New Mexico, but now spending his days in Phoenix, he wastes most of his time eating burritos, reading Spanish romance novels, and
occasionally recording an Apple-themed podcast. Moreover, scientific studies have proven that no woman can resist his long and lucious beard.

Twitter: @bst3r

Leander Kahney - Co-Host

Loyal subject of The Queen, Leander isn't just the editor and publisher of Cult of Mac, he's the bestselling author of four books about technology culture: Jony Ive: The Genius Behind Apple's Greatest Products; Inside Steve’s Brain; Cult of Mac; and Cult of iPod. Leander has written for Wired, MacWeek, Scientific American, and The Guardian in London.

Twitter: @lkahney

Alex Sitbon - Co-Producer

After getting tired of being chased all over the internet, Erfon finally decided that Alex could assist him produce the show. Originally from France - yes, fanboys exist over there - he unsuccessfully tries to predict the future with data, co-hosts White Roof Radio and writes on MotoringFile.

Twitter: @alexandresitbon