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234: Macbook Pro spy photos!

Chris C.



This week's CultCast...

This week: Macbook Pro spy photos reveal some juicy new features, but some old favorites go bye-bye…  Plus: Apple may finally update its ancient Thunderbolt display; why moving iPhone to a three year update cycle would suck; and stay tuned for more weird and wacky super-fan stories from the Cult of Mac.

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On the show this week:

Intro - Steve Jobs introduces Apple’s new gem, the G4 Cube

The British Fabio!

A business is born from presenting Mac love on a pillow

Apple may finally update its old ass Thunderbolt Display

It’s been over five years since Apple updated its standalone monitor
Thunderbolt Display stock is limited or unavailable at several Apple Stores in North America, Europe, Australia according to a new report
Dwindling supplies of Apple’s current Thunderbolt Display could indicate that the company plans to launch a gorgeous new monitor in the near future.
It appears that Thunderbolt Displays are still in ready supply in some major cities, so the changes in supply could also simply indicate that Apple is dealing with fluctuations in its inventory.

You better get used to waiting 3 years for big iPhone upgrades

According to one report, Apple is switching its big upgrades to a three-year cycle, which is why this year’s iPhone 7 will look just like its predecessors
This year, following last year’s iPhone 6s series, we should be getting another major refresh — but we know that’s not going to be the case. Leaks have revealed the iPhone 7 is almost identical to the iPhone 6s
a report from Japanese newspaper Nikkei warns we should get used to this three-year wait for big upgrades. Apple has reportedly decided to extent its cycle because of slowing market demand and due to “smartphone functions having little room left for major enhancements.”

Spy photos all but confirm 2016 MacBook Pro’s OLED touchpad

Leaked photos of what is claimed to be Apple’s next-generation MacBook Pro all but confirm it will ship with a new OLED touchpad above its keyboard.
The images sent to Cult of Mac also hint at four USB-C connectors.
Loss of SD card reader, Thunderbolt, HDMI out, and MagSafe?
Adopts the arrow keys of the new butterfly keyboard
No touch ID

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