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240: Pokemania

Chris C.

Photo:  Yokohama's Pokémon Festival

Photo:  Yokohama's Pokémon Festival

This week's CultCast...

Why Pokemon Go is the smash iOS hit Nintendo needed;  iPhone 7 may get the extended battery life we’ve all been asking for;  Cult of Mac’s bizarre connection to Apple’s new Planet of the Apps TV show; and… which is manlier summer attire, mid-rift shirts or short shorts?  We answer life’s most intriguing questions on an all-new Get To Know Ur Cultist.

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On the show this week:

Intro - The new Apple IIc

iPhone 7 might finally bring the feature everybody wants

  • The upcoming iPhone 7 may pack a juicy 1960mAh battery inside its simplified shell, according to a new rumor from OnLeaks.

  • The often-reliable Apple leaker says he’s not 100% sure it will happen, but he’s right, it would be about a 15% increase in capacity over the 1715mAh battery in the iPhone 6s.

Apple posts open casting call for Planet of the Apps TV show

  • Apple is looking for a few talented developers to star in the inaugural season of its first ever reality TV series that will focus on the hard knock life of developers and the apps they create.i

  • Helmed by executive producers, Ben Silverman and Howard T. Owens of Biggest Loser fame, the series has teamed up with Product Hunt to go on a four city tour to find the country’s best up-and-coming app developers. The producers are touting Planet of the Apps as not just a reality TV show, but also as a “launch pad and accelerator for exceptional developers.”

  • Upcoming casting calls are scheduled for San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin and New York. Interested developers must apply by Friday, August 26 with an app for either iOS, tvOS, watchOS or macOS.

  • Apple says those selected will be given the chance to receive guidance from some of the tech community’s top experts. They’ll also get premium placement on the App Store and access to funding from Silicon Valley VCs.

Pokémon Go continues its global invasion this week

  • The game is officially available only in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand right now, but it is already a huge success. According to data from analytics firm SimilarWeb, the game already has more users than Tinder.

  • Pokémon Go will continue its global invasion later this week as it expands its reach into Europe and Asia.

  • The title has already become a smash hit, causing Nintendo shares to rocket 25 percent despite the game only being available in a small number of regions.

Get to know your Cultist

A movie we’ve seen at least 25 times and still love. 

  •         Leander - Apocalypse Now, Wild bunch, Onion field
  •         Buster - Step brothers, Pineapple Express, Night at the Rockbury
  •         Erfon - Star Trek VI the Undiscovered Country, Indiana Jones The Last Crusade

Albums we love listening to from start to finish. 

  •         Leander - Sandinista by The Clash
  •         Buster - Explosions in the Sky
  •         Erfon - Ten by Pearl Jam, Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too by the New Radicals

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