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241: Hands off our Pokéballs

Chris C.



This week's CultCast...

Leaked codenames might mean no iPhone 7 Pro; a new trademark alludes to a new wireless version of your white-wired EarPods; forget the debit card, Apple Pay is coming to an ATM near you; and, have you outgrown Apple’s Calendar, Mail, Notes, or other native apps?  We’ll tell you our favorite replacements!

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On the show this week:

The end of plastic cards nears: Over 70,000 ATMs will soon support Touch ID withdrawals

AirPods trademark appears to confirm Apple’s wireless future

  • it appears that Apple is definitely planning to make some wireless earbuds of its own, based on some recently discovered trademark filings.

  • MacRumors have found evidence that appears to confirm Apple will be releasing wireless EarPods, dubbed, Airpods

  • An amendment filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office review process shows that Apple used a shell company called Entertainment in Flight to trademark the term “AirPods.”

  • Apple used similar tactics to register the “iPad” and “CarPlay” trademarks. It did the same for “iWatch” too but discarded the name.

iPhone 7 code names leave no room for ‘Pro’ model

  • Apple leaker Evan Blass has taken to twitter to alert the world that there will be only two iPhone 7 models coming up, Sonora and Dos Palos.

  • This would imply there will be no iPhone 7 Pro, just your regular iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

  • He’s got a great track record.

Our favorite replacements to the native apps

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