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307: The best iPhone X deals & our fave gadgets 🔥🚨🚒

Chris C.

Photo:  Johannes Eret

Photo:  Johannes Eret

On The Cult Cast:

How to get the best deal on your iPhone X, save yourself some serious buckets Why Woz says the iPhone X will be the first iPhone he won’t buy day one Would you let your delivery man enter your house when you’re not home? We discuss Amazon key! Plus we’ll tell what we like and don’t about the gadgets we’re reviewing in an all-new Under Review

This episode supported by:

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  • We also want to give Kevin MacLeod at a thanks for the great music you hear on today’s show.

On the show this week:

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The BEST subreddit you are going to read, ALL week long!

Woz: iPhone X will be the first iPhone I haven’t bought on day one

  • Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says the iPhone X is the first iPhone he doesn’t plan to buy on “day one.”
  • “I’d rather wait and watch that one,” Wozniak said during an interview at the Money 20/20 conference. “I’m happy with my iPhone 8 — which is the same as the iPhone 7, which is the same as the iPhone 6, to me. “ will, so I’ll be close enough to see it.”

How to get the best deal on the iPhone X

  • $500 off with Xfinity Triple Play
  • $350 off at Sprint
  • Up to $300 off on Verizon
  • T-Mobile gives $300 off
  • Nothing yet at AT&T

iPhone X will be available to walk-in customers on launch day

  • Apple has promised that iPhone X will be available to walk-in customers on launch day.
  • You will also be able to purchase iPhone X from Apple Stores beginning Friday, November 3 at 8 a.m. local time. “Stores will have iPhone X available for walk-in customers, who are encouraged to arrive early,” Apple says.

Amazon Key opens your home for indoor deliveries

  • Would you be cool with your delivery person opening your front door when you’re away to drop off your package?
  • Amazon Key, uses a smart lock and connected camera. When a delivery is made the courier scans the package’s barcode which sends an access request to Amazon’s cloud. When it grants permission, the camera starts recording, the courier swipes a prompt on their app and then your door unlocks. They leave the package by the door and relock it on their way out. You’ll get a notification that the delivery has been made, along with a video of the drop-off to reassure you everything was done above board.
  • Amazon has designed the service with deliveries in mind, but Key has a bunch of other uses, too. For example, you can use it to give permanent access to people you trust or temporary access to visitors such as dog-walkers, cleaners or guests (this could be especially helpful for Airbnbhosts).

How to use the iPhone’s one-handed keyboard in iOS 11

  • Did you know iOS 11 had a one-handed keyboard built right in?
  • Anytime the keyboard is on screen, you can just long-press the little globe icon to bring up the keyboard selection popover. This is the same globe icon you use to select the emoji keyboard, to cycle between any keyboards you have active on your iPhone
  • The keyboard-switching globe icon only appears if you have more than one keyboard active on your iPhone.
  • Long-pressing the globe icon brings up the familiar popover, only in iOS 11 it now has an extra row of keyboard glyphs at the bottom.
  • Just select the one-handed keyboard you want, and poof, a keyboard you can type on with just one hand

Leander’s $10,000 BatBike!

Under Review

JLAB Epic Ear waterproof earphones

Schlage Sense HomeKit-enabled smart lock

Light and Motion Bicycle lights