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Home of the most recent episodes of The CultCast including links to topics discussed and coupons from our beloved sponsors.

312: Our favorite movies of 2017! (also, the Apple news)

Chris C.

Photo:  @YSR50

Photo:  @YSR50

On The Cult Cast:

  • The bigs ones. The bangers. It’s our favorite movies of 2017!
  • The useful iPhone X gestures you haven’t heard about.
  • Apple’s new Youtube channel and it’s actually pretty cool.
  • The data for the LTE Apple watch is way more than we originally were told.
  • It’s the end of an era. Jailbreaking is dead.

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The BEST subreddit you are going to read, ALL week long!

Heads up: Apple Watch data is significantly more expensive than carriers will tell you

  • Just a heads up: Got my first AT&T bill with my Apple Watch LTE added on. Taxes on the $10 data plan add-on come to $7.69 meaning the cellular plan for the watch is actually $17.69/month or $212.28 for a year of service. That's insane and totally not worth it. Just wanted to make people aware of the fact that AT&T conveniently neglects to mention how expensive the plan will actually be.

Big Cydia sources shut down as jailbreaking dies out

  • Jailbreaking was once a necessity to millions of iPhone owners, is just about dead, at least according to Cydia store creator Jay Freeman
  • Many of the features that made jailbreaking so popular — like video recording, useful settings toggles, custom ringtones, and enhanced multitasking — are now baked into iOS. So jailbreaking is no longer required for many iPhone and iPad users.
  • It was the only way to obtain native apps during the handset’s first year on the market. But even after the launch of the App Store, users turned to jailbreaking to get their hands on software Apple wouldn’t allow.
  • Two of Cydia’s largest repositories have been shutdown as jailbreaking dies out. ModMy and ZodTTD are no longer available, leaving BigBoss as the only major source still available to those who want apps and tweaks you can’t find in the App Store.

Apple’s new YouTube channel teaches iOS tips

  • Apple wants to help you make the most of your iPhone and iPad with a brand new YouTube channel. It offers a collection of how-to videos that teach you how to take screenshots, send attachments in Mail, print on the go, and more.
  • The channel, which launched on Monday evening, currently hosts ten how-to videos. They’ll teach you how to do things like change your wallpaper, mute or leave a group conversation in iMessage, delete call logs and photos, and more.
  • Each video is under two minutes in length. It provides step-by-step instructions for each how-to, with useful bullet points that make the directions easier to follow. English captions are also available if required.

The iPhone X gestures you didn’t know about

  • Swipe up and over to the right for app switching, or swipe up and to the right
  • Swipe up the down for reachability.
  • You can then access control center from the top of the lowered screen
  • Close apps by swiping them up (instead of using the lame minus icon)
  • Volume up. Volume Down. Power button hold to restart/shutdown

You think your photos are safe in the cloud, but something that happened to me this week has me questioning that.

Our favorite movies of 2017!


Baby Driver

Logan Lucky


The Lure

It Follows

Devil in a Blue Dress

Lady Bird

Get Out


Blade Runner 2049

Thor Ragnarok

The Doors: when you’re strange

Andy and Me: The Great Beyond