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Home of the most recent episodes of The CultCast including links to topics discussed and coupons from our beloved sponsors.

278: Apple reveals their Mac plans… on purpose!

Chris C.

Photo: Erfon Elijah/Cult of Mac

Photo: Erfon Elijah/Cult of Mac

On The Cult Cast:

  • Apple just revealed their future Mac plans… on purpose! It’s unprecedented, and we’ll unpack it all for you.
  • Apple promises an all-new “rethought” Mac Pro and Apple display.
  • Why the Mac Pro failed.
  • Apple’s plans to make the Mac “Pro” again.
  • New Pro-level iMacs coming this year.
  • Leander reviews the top-secret new Sonos speaker Erfon’s couldn’t talk about.
  • Erfon reviews a clever  Watch stand that Buster hates but true Mac fans will love!

This episode supported by:

  • Build a beautiful, responsive website quick at Enter offer code CultCast at checkout to get 10% off. Squarespace—Build it Beautiful.

  • CultCloth will keep your iPhone 7, Apple Watch, Mac and iPad sparkling clean, and for a limited time you can use code CULTCAST to score a free CleanCloth with any order at

  • We also want to give Kevin MacLeod at a thanks for the great music you hear on today’s show.

On the show this week:

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Steve Jobs Introduces the very first Mac Pro

Apple building all-new, modular Mac Pro and external display

Apple brings faster Intel Xeon chips, better GPUs to the Mac Pro

2017 iMacs will bring spec bumps to woo power users

Apple pushes the reset button on the Mac Pro

Sonos’ new Playbase speaker

You’ll love this vintage Mac  Watch stand!

Meet Eddie, The Eagle