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348: Apple enters the censorship game

Chris C.

Photo:  Infowars

Photo:  Infowars

This Week!

Apple wipes the Infowars podcast from iTunes, but should they be getting involved in the censorship game? Plus: we look at the new gadgets announced at Samsung’s unpacked event; and we discuss some of the biggest TV news of the decade in an all-new Under Review!

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EU may force iPhone to switch from Lightning to USB

  • EU regulators are considering whether they need to force a common standard for phone chargers.
  • The idea is to cut down on the 51,000 tons of old chargers and cables thrown away each year.
  • Way back in 2009, the European Commission pressured Apple and 13 other companies to work toward a common charging standard by 2011. All the other signatories gave up their proprietary plugs and switched to USB. Apple switched to lightning, their own proprietary port.
  • Accordingly to Reuters, that didn't satisfy that EU Commissioner of Competition, and now the commission is launching an impact assessment study to evaluate costs and benefits of different other options, the other option being forcing Apple to adopt USB on the devices.

Apple removes InfoWars and Alex Jones podcasts

  • Apple has removed the entire back catalog for five InfoWars’ six podcasts on iTunes and its Podcasts app. One of these shows is the daily “War Room” show hosted by owner and radio host Alex Jones.
  • Shortly thereafter, Facebook removed InfoWars page, YouTube removed their channel, Pinterest pin boards, Linked In removed the InfoWars page, Mail Chimp refuses to send their emails, and website comment host Disqus has given them the boot.
  • "Consistent with our existing policies, we take action against accounts that repeatedly save content that could lead to harm," a Pinterest spokesperson said in an email statement.

Samsung preps rivals for Apple Watch and HomePod

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Mission Impossible Fallout

Captain Jean-luc Picard will helm a new Star Trek series